New Website!!!

Hey Trendy Shoppers


If you are reading this... The new site is up!!!  WE are so excited to announce the new site is up to help all Trendy shoppers to be updated to what is new with Trendy. 

There are also pages to help understand our other services.  All the information on locations and Trunk Shows are right at your fingertips.   If you have any questions or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Trendy will put you in contact with the store or stylist in your area. 


Trendy is working diligently to make every shopping experience better and better! 


Also don't forget to friend us on Facebook, new styles that are in and arriving are being posted daily.  Trendy is also running fun contests and raffles through out each and every month!!!


Thank you for making Trendy better each and every day with your support.